The UP System Accounting Office

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The University of the Philippines System Accounting Office was included in the reorganization of the UP System Financial Services Units as approved by BOR 1144th Meeting held on 31 August 2000. The office was separated from the supervision of a Financial Management Office Director for tighter internal control and independent accounting of funds.

As cited in the Gazette: 

Reorganization of the Financial Management Office (FMO) Separation of UP System Accounting


  1. At present, the Accounting Office is under the supervision of the FMO Director who is concurrently the UP System Budget Director. The Accounting Office should be separated from the Office for tighter internal control, i.e., for objective and independent accounting of funds.
  2. In addition, both the budget and accounting offices are required to prepare reports for DBM, Congress and COA. The volume of work is too large making it difficult for only one person to supervise both offices


The proposed UP System-Accounting Office shall be under the supervision of Vice President for Planning and Finance.

Reference: Gazette Volume XXXI, Volume Number 3, page 17 Section 3.a.1 to 3a.2 July to September 2000, ISSN No. 0115-7450


  • To strengthen stakeholders’ confidence to the University of the Philippines System by being the trusted Custodians of the Government Assets and Shareholder Value.
  • To increase measurable value to shareholders by serving the System Units efficiently based on the shared professional Principles and operational excellence of the UP Charter RA 9500.
  • To be the University’s conscience and Preferred Advisor to Management


  • An Office recognized as one of the best in the accounting productiveness for the exceptional work and consultation service given, providing true and reliable financial information in a timely manner.
  • An Office considered as a group of employees with high professional ethics and dedication in work.


We highly value constant and continuous communication to support our clients, teamwork, staff competence, fairness, adaptability and integrity.

U – Unwavering Service

P – Professionalism

S – Sound Judgement

A – Accountability

O – Operational Excellence

Organizational Chart


Division of Responsibilities and Services


  1. Reviews and approves the disbursements
  2. Reviews annual and periodic financial statements and information
  3. Reviews Accounting staff’s performance semi-annually and recommends training necessary for the professional growth of the staff
  4. Reviews and approves all Status of Funds
  5. Reviews and advises staff on internal controls and accounting policies and procedures
  6. Sees that an appropriate budget is developed annually
  7. Approves inter-account/interfund adjustments bank transfers
  8. Opens all bank statements, reviews for any irregularities, and reviews completed monthly bank reconciliations
  9. Oversees the adherence to all internal controls
  10. Reviews all payrolls and is responsible for all personnel files
  11. Reviews and manages cash flow
  12. Reviews and approves all reimbursements and fund requests
  13. Monitors grant reporting and appropriate release of temporarily restricted funds
  14. Reviews all financial reports
  15. Oversees the operation of the System Accounting Office

Book keeping Section

  1. Overall responsibility for data entry into accounting system and integrity of accounting system data
  2. Maintains General and Subsidiary ledger
  3. Prepares monthly and year-end financial reports
  4. Reconciles all bank accounts including real and nominal accounts
  5. Ensures that all relevant financial transactions of the UP System Units are taken into account, safeguards funds and properties and complies with its internal and external stakeholders’ reportorial requirements (i.e. Senate, Congress, Commission on Audit, Bureau of Internal Revenue, etc.)

Payroll Section

  1. Processes the salaries, compensation and other allowances and bonuses of the UP System Units’ employees and staffs through its computerized payroll system with permanent position and RDA system for contractual employees
  2. Prints and forward payslip to respective Units
  3. Prepares electronic remittances for GSIS, HDMF, PHIC premiums and loan repayments
  4. Computes and indexes taxes withheld
  5. Prepares remittance of all payroll deductions to Government and Private Agencies

Pre Audit Section

  1. Establishes that the payables (Utilities, purchases of goods and services, etc.) of the University are legal, regular, economical and necessary and is in conformity with the appropriation law and other legislative authority and policy
  2. Examines the supporting documents of transactions before these are paid, assures that sufficient funds are available and are approved by proper signatories

General Service Section

  1. Receives, assigns number series, controls and encodes Disbursement Vouchers
  2. Monitors returned RDA and other DVs with referral slip and informs heads of units on problems relating to procedural performance.
  3. Monitors received bundles from UP System Cash Office (e,g. Report of Disbursements, Report of Collections and Report of Checks Issued)
  4. Prepares transmittal of all Reports to be submitted to COA-UPS
  5. Delivers Reports to COA-UPS, DVs for payment thru Checks or RDA to Cash Office and all reports to internal and external stakeholders