Mission and Vision


To be an effective government financial unit that provides transparent and sound services to the University and its people and help management decision makers in efficiently managing its resources in the performance of its mandate.


The core mission of the UP System Budget Office is to provide reliable information to support operational budgeting, monitoring of agency spending of public funds, and reporting  thereof to both internal and external users for decision-making purposes.


At SBO, we would like to be known as an Office with a “HEART”

    • Honesty, Fairness and Integrity – we shall carry out our duties and responsibilities with honesty, fairness and integrity;
    • Efficiency and Effectiveness – we shall monitor the efficient and effective use of the University’s budget and ensure prudent use of public funds.
    • Accountability and Transparency – we shall provide internal and external users timely financial information;
    • Reliable and Resourceful – we shall provide reliable information to users as basis for resourceful and sound use of the unit’s budget; and
    • Teamwork – we shall collaborate with various System units/offices through consultations, providing feedback and participating in meetings and discussions about budgeting and funds management.