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1074th BOR Meeting on 27 February 1994

“Reorganization of UP System Offices:

The Board approved the Reorganization of the Controllership and Budget Staff, UP System (CBS) into the Controllership and Budget Office UP System (CBO) and the Budget Office, UP Diliman.  Continuation of the implementation of EO Nos. 4 dated 23 March 1983 and 5 dated 17 June 1986,

The objectives of the reorganization are:

  1. To operationalize the full fiscal autonomy of UP Diliman under EO No. 5 dated 17 June 1983. This will make UP Diliman a fully autonomous university similar to UP Los Banos, UP Manila and UP Visayas;
  2. To retain the services rendered by CBS to the autonomous universities of the UP System and at the same time give it capability to render efficient and effective fiscal and administrative service to system-level units.

To attain these objectives, CBS is split into two offices: (1) The UP Diliman Budget Office (UPD-BO) to realize objective number 1 above; and (2) The Controllership and Budget Office (UPS-CBO) to realize objective number 2 above.

The reorganization will not require additional finances from the Department of Budget and Management.” 

1144th BOR Meeting on 31 August 2000

“Reorganization of the UP System (UPS) Financial Services Units:

  1. Reorganization of the Financial Management Office (FMO):
  2. Separation of UP System Accounting Office.
  3. Creation of a System Investment Office
  4. Conversion of the Information System Division of FMO to Planning Services Division
  5. Renaming of the “Financial Management Office” (FMO) to UP System Budget Office (UPS-BO)